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Are you looking for a totally hands-free way to start earning online? Here’s your opportunity! See how you can start making money with Google Adsense within a couple months using a tried and proven model.

Let's take a look at how this all works!

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Flipped and sold on Flippa for


Flipped and sold on Flippa for


Flipped and sold on Flippa for


Step By Step Process

These are just examples of Adsense sites we created and flipped! We build sites in any niches

Every site we create passes all of Google’s stringest standards. All policies will be in place, and you’ll also be integrated into both Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We will also ensure that your site is also approved in Google Publisher as well which will help with faster indexing.


Keep in mind also, you can *easily* flip these sites on Flippa once they start to earn money as well for an even bigger payout, just like in the images of the sites at the top of this page.

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(Price $997 + $99/month)

Frequently Asked Questions

We're looking to work with a select few who are looking for quality sites at an affordable price. If you separately paid for each of these services, it would be triple what we're offering here as a one stop shop solution! Any questions, please feel free to PM.

On average it takes approximately 7-14 days to complete the layout/content for the website.
It’s impossible for us to say we 100% guarantee approval, but we do all in our power to ensure you are approved. If after several attempts for approval, and the site is still denied, we’ll refund your purchase price.
We’ll be monitoring your search traffic and analytics, after consistent traffic is seen (month to month), we’ll notify you, and let you know that it’s time to apply. It’s very important that you do not apply without getting traction (some consistent traffic).
The purchase price you pay covers you for 50 posts (articles). If you need more content in the future we can arrange that as well.
We use WordPress, and the purchase price does include complete setup, along with hosting for the first year.

Sure, please take a look at these sites we’ve created


Order Your Website Today!

(Price $997 + $99/month)